Personalized Service

Krenn Power Sports History

We offer personalized watercraft service and repair.  We explain (in detail) the problem and the solution along with our personal opinion and your options.  Sometimes it's not "worth" the repair, and we will voice that opinion.

We take pride in our work and are always learning about new products in the market.  We always have up-to-date software and computer systems to diagnose and service even the newest of PWC.  The desire to keep on top is what drives our appetite to learn.

Keeping up with the times


We are dealers for many different parts distributors.  We can get you new, used, or remanufactured parts from a variety of vendors.  We can install them for you or for the do-it-yourself types, we can give advice on your repair.

Krenn Power Sports was established in 1995.  After servicing many different types of power sports we decided to specialize in PWC's and Jet-boats which is our passion.   We believe that being an expert at 1 thing is much easier and more satisfying than being "good" at many things when it comes to service.

We do not service 4-wheelers, motorcycles, side by sides or other power sports equipment.  Just because it has a motor, does not mean they are the same.